Saturday, May 12, 2007


So now everyone is on a diet. The cats are fat, I'm fat, and Moxie could lose a pound. The only ones complaining about it more so than myself are the cats. They are not amused. The reduced rations have sent them into some sort of primal hunting mode....they spend their days stalking and consuming....carbs. Thats right. My cats are carb whores. Be it bread, muffins, or cookies, the cats have left no processed grain based product uncompromised in the kitchen. HIDE YOUR ROLLS!

Moxie's social calendar is filling quickly. We are looking at Rally classes on Tuesday nights, Agility, and possibly in the future, flyball, on Sundays. We went to the lake this afternoon and Moxie had quite an audience. Every small child within a five mile radius had to throw the bumper for moxie, and get moxie to do a trick. Shake, wave, roll over, spin, she had the everyone in smiles all afternoon, from toddler to parent. Most of them spoke spanish. How lucky were they that the worlds greatest dog is fluent in spanish. I can't wait to get Moxie's Delta Society papers renewed and get back to our therapy work. My dog was born to be a healer (tee hee).

I got a paycheck! First paycheck I've recieved in quite some time. It was more than I would have made in three months in Mexico. I went straight to Wal-Mart and bought a mothers day present, and a bicycle. Believe it or not, it took me a few minutes to remember how to ride a bike. Its been a few years. But Moxie and I took a turn around the block and I think biking reguarly will be added to our fitness routine. Believe it or not, after two hours at the lake this afternoon and a two and a half mile walk after her bath this dog is STILL tossing her squeaky toys at my feet in expectation of play. Oh, to have that kind of energy.

I'm liking working at Southridge again. The staff is excellent. Really a great group of people. I'm going to an anesthesia continuing ed course next Sunday, and hopefully, a weekend course on Feline Internal Medicine in June. I don't like to half ass anything. Since I am going to be a tech again for a while, I want to be the best tech I can be. I want to suck up the knowlege like a sponge. *slurp*

After rave reviews, I broke down and bought a "Furminator" today. I probably spent an hour, hour thirty working on Moxie and I have NEVER gotten that much undercoat out of her at once. It was amazing. I could probably work on her more tomorrow and get just as much. The dog is a shedding fiend, but the Furminator is a wonderful tool. A must have for owners of shedding dogs. I can't wait to furminate the cats. They don't share my enthusiasm.

Word from Mexico is they have finished my workbook of doom, and are ready for another. I must prepare more torture...I mean, schoolwork. I moved my GRE to the 30th of August to preserve my own sanity and promptly forgot all about studying. *sigh* why do I do this to myself? I need to structure my time off better. Writing Workbooks of doom, studying for the GRE test, and Spanish all needs to find its way into my schedule every week. Bummer. Its so much more fun to spend all my free time playing with my dog.


Oscar Airedale said...

Mum is going to get a furminator for my cat sis Fat Flakes who is half Pesian & a walking furball. I hope mum has gauntlets at the ready as Flakes is MEAN when you try to brush her, hehehe!

Oscar x

Debra Kay said...

Moxie Rules!
Do you have a springer or a walky dog for your bike? They are wonderful things.