Friday, May 18, 2007

Moxie - Back in action!

Moxie and I started taking classes again this week. On Sunday night we went to an agility class. I was unsure of how we would do as its been more than two years since we have been active in agility. Moxie was spot on, though. She ran courses like she had been doing agility every day her entire life. I was far more rusty than she was. Encouraged by our success on Sunday, we made plans to go to a more advanced class on Thursday night.

Tuesday night Moxie and I went back to GTDOG, the obedience club we belonged to and trained with many years ago when I lived in Denton. We dropped in on a Rally class and Moxie was a little star! This was the first time we have even attempted some of the more advanced obedience commands in many years also, but Moxie fetched them from her memory banks and performed each task flawlessly! Next week we are running a full Rally course. I will try to get someone to video our run, so I can show you what a fabulous obedience dog she really is.

Last night we hit that more advanced class in Agility and had a blast. Moxie was very excited and charged up. She is super fast and I am super slow which causes problems for me handling her (she has no problems completeing the obstacles). So we will start working on some distance work to see if we can improve our course times and get some clean, tight runs. I like this class so I think I will stick with it. I may pick up another class if I can find one.

Here is some video from last night. Not clean runs, but deffinately fast. Look at Moxie's tail, it never stops wagging!

This is a jumpers course. Both dropped bars were my fault, handler error. Shes just so fast and I have to be faster. I'm jumping her at a low jump height, just 12 inches, because she is coming off that injury, and she is older, and its been a while since we have trained. I may work up to 16 inch jump heights, but I won't ever run her at full height again. I'm going to put her health over what the agility clubs say she should be jumping.

This is a standard course. Would have been fabulous except she kept anticipating the five second pause table, and we kept having to go back and do it again and again until she held her down for five seconds. We missed the entrance to the weaves, but that was my fault too.


Oscar Airedale said...

Wow Moxie, you're so clever! Fancy remembering how to do all that stuff.
Someone was telling me and mum about rally the other day but it doesn't seem to have caught on over here yet. Shame as it sounds fun.

Oscar x

Debra Kay said...

Posted on behalf of Prissy:

Shame on you Moxie for revealing the true depths of our doggy memory banks. You are making it hard to play my "silly dumb puppy" card.....Prissy