Friday, November 23, 2007

Whats in a breed.

What do you get when you take one of these:

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add a little of this:

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and a little of this:

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and a dash of this:

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Don't know? Well, according to the idiots at Mars Veterinary, you get this:

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Can you believe it! Its like instead of doing the test, they just threw darts at an AKC breed poster. These idiots are trying to tell me that my dog, that MOXIE, is a beagle mix!!! WTF! DO they think I'm stupid? Well obviously I am, I actually paid these people to do a DNA breed test on my dog. $85 wasted.

I'm so angry I could spit nails. I've been royally had!
What makes me even more angry than the money I wasted, is the fact that this company assured us that this test was complete and accurate, and something useful and factual that we could offer our clients. Now its our integrity on the line, and you can bet we won't be offering this test in our office anymore. Moxie's was the first profile we did, and I wish we had waited to offer it to clients until we had her results and were satisfied. As it is, we had two other clients do the test. I'm so ashamed. I just hope whoever is playing darts over at Mars Veterinary has better aim with their tests.

Believe me folks, don't waste your time, or money on the Mars Wisdom panel DNA breed test.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back to blogging

Well long time no blog. Moxie and I have been very busy with work and training and volunteerings.

I took a trip to Boston a few weeks back and Moxie and the cats stayed behind to torment my mother. I believe all but Moxie will have to be boarded next time I go out of town.

Sully has entered the "complete nuissance" stage of his development. He is constantly into everything he shouldn't be, and looking pleased as pie with himself when I'm retieving him from the shelf, or fishing something out of his mouth. He swats at me with his one paw and looks endearing with those blue eyes, and I just can't be mad. I remember this phase with Thurston. It lasted about two years. Oh brother, what have I brought into this house.

Kobie and Thurston both have ringworm, and I have no idea how they got it. I don't have ringworm, Sully has been over his for months now. Its a complete mystery. But it isn't too bad and it seems to be healing with treatment. I hate ringworm. Its one of those things I will ask God about when I die. "God, why ringworm?" I just hope Moxie doesn't get it.

Last Tuesday I sent off Moxie's DNA profile. I should have the results in another two weeks. Can you believe it! Two weeks and we will finally know what makes a Moxie thanks to the fine folks over at Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel. We've already had several clients request the test. I'm thrilled because I was insistent that we carry it. I had to really convince my boss that I wasn't the only one CRAZY enough to spend that kind of money to know what breed mix my dog is.