Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dental Day

Today was Thurstons turn to get his teeth cleaned. He needed it bad. So does Kobie but I can't afford to do them both at once. Apparently Thurston had a bipolar attitude today. He was fine for the blood draw then flipped out when it came time to give him his injection. Silly boy. I think its a black and white thing.

Here is the before and after. I think its so cool that they give us pictures!

Kobie came with me to pick Thurston up and he got his Rabies booster and his ears looked at. Nothing to report on his ears, he just scratches them to be scratching them which is a perfectly acceptable explanation for any behavior when you're an orange cat. He was a little love, purred the whole time. I think he rather enjoyed the trip and the attention. He's a weird cat.

My vet, Dr. Cathy, is about the best vet you could ask for. She's gentle, she's thorough, and she's always been there for my pets. Unlike my employer, she doesn't treat my babies like second class citizens (probably because I pay like a first class citizen) but its worth it to shell out the bucks and know I'm not getting fluffed off.

Well my bank account is a bit lighter, but I'm happy knowing I've done the best for my pets. Its totally worth it to know they are happy and healthy. Poor Thurston looks like he has a hangover. He keeps squinting his little eyes. So sad. Maybe some dinner will perk him up. Not until 8pm though, doctors orders.