Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I've settled on two names. They could always change of course but I like them both and they kind of stick to the theme I started with "Moxie".

For a girl, Kharma.
For a boy, Savvy.

What do you think?

Or I really like Zen, it meets the short name common a working sheepdog in England. As does Cam, which was my first choice.
Then there is Rooqui (rookie) Made up of dads name Roo and mums name Quiche.
Or Te Quiero, same concept but spanish for I love you. Of course I would call him Te (tay) for short.....

Oh I don't know! GAH! This is hard.


Oscar Airedale said...

Oooh, I like both those names. Good to have an unusual name. Every third dog we meet is called Oscar I swear! I already had this name when mum and dad got me and I knew it so they didn't like to change it.

Oscar x

Cynthia Blue said...

Those are both great names! I am so bad at coming up with names, most of my dogs came named and we just kept the names. I'll have to write your names down. :)

Saint Lover said...

I love it Rachael! I think I like Rookie and Te Quiero the best! You should choose a couple of names and have make a poll on ruffdogs.

PANDA said...

I really like Karma & Cam. My friend named her little weiner dog Pixie. I think that is a cute name. What do you think about names that go with Moxie? Moxie & Pixie. LOL Just crazy thoughts in my head....