Friday, May 25, 2007

Is it possible to be over prepared?

I've found out the requirements for importing a dog from the UK to the US today. No rabies vaccine required as the U.K. is a rabies free country! This is excellent news it means I can collect my puppy at 8 weeks of age. Otherwise I would have to wait until he was 16 weeks (30 days post vaccination date at 12 weeks). I want to spend every moment possible with my puppy and really bring him up right.

I found an airlines, Lufthansa, that flies non-stop from DFW to London and will allow me to carry an animal less than 8 kilos in the cabin with me. I wouldn't do this if I had to ship the dog below as cargo. I plan to make my plane reservation as soon as the pregnancy is confirmed. I'm hoping to make the reservations at least three months prior to departure date to get a better price. I'm looking at a little over $1000 for the round trip ticket, another $100 for the puppies return ticket. I'll also need to pay for ground transport in England, Lodging and food while I'm there. And stuff for the puppy I'm sure. Probably a vet visit, food, etc. I'm going to buy the travel kennel and ship it to the breeder ahead of my arrival so she can start getting him used to being in it and quiet. I also want to spend a few days bonding with my puppy before the trip. I want to eliminate as many possible stressors as I can. So being familiar with the crate and with me should help him remain calm on what must be a very strange experience for a dog, an airplane ride.

So these are the things I want to have paid for before I collect my pup:

The puppy itself
The trip to England (flight, transportation, lodging, food, extras)
A travel crate
One of those warming toys with the heartbeat sound the keep the puppy calm in the crate.
A soft pad and several absorbant pads for the trip.
A crate for home.
A puppy pack at my vet (Inlcudes all puppy vaccines, wormings, exams, flea/heartworm prevention/ and spay/neuter)
$1000 in an emergency account.

Anything I'm forgetting?

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Debra Kay said...

Sleep with the pad you are sending over with the crate so the puppy can associate your scent with the comfort of the crate. You might also sleep with the toy as well.