Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The trail mutt rides again

Moxie and I and my dear friend Marie hit the trails this weekend in perfect hiking weather!

Here is Moxie with the Ruffdogs forum mascot who also joined up on our hike.

Moxie is queen of the hill!

Beautiful Moxie

Moxie loves her auntie Marie!

In other news. Kobie seems to be symptom free after his steroid injection and food change. He is LOVING the Natures Variety INSTINCT formula. Good thing as its two bucks a can. YIKES! I think I will be keeping Sully on the Wellness as its a bit cheaper and he's doing well on it. If it aint broke....

Not sure what Thurston's diet will be. He is going in to have his urine rechecked on Friday. If he is crystal free, he can stay on the wellness, but if he still has crystals, he'll have to go on a special diet. Yuck. So hope for no crystals for Thurston.

While we are discussing diets, I'm re-evaluating Moxie's again. Moxie's just gaining too much weight on the CORE, even the low fat version. I'm thinking, at nine years of age, she would probably do best on a good senior diet, so I'm in the market again for a good dog food. Any suggestions welcome.


Charlotte said...

Wow - lovely pics!

Moxie is sooo beautiful :)

Cynthia Blue said...

Diet is so important, and so hard to figure out.

And oh boy what nice hiking weather! I so want to have it get warm so we can do some hiking!

Debra Kay said...

Glad to see the fetching Ms. Moxie again. And I'm glad to here the kitties are looking up.

Diets in my house are tough. I have one pup, one 2 year old that can't keep weight on, one 2 year old and a 3 year old that put on weight easily, a skinny 9 and 11 year old.....sigh.

6 bowls and 6 different formulations. Plus the cat....who has decided that it's now spring and therefore kibble will not be eaten-bring on the tuna if you please.