Friday, February 22, 2008

IBD or Lymphoma, those are your options

Kobie is still sick. He vomits at least once every day. He's having diarrhea. His eating is sporadic, though this has gotten somewhat better. I took him back in today and took more x-rays and Dr. McClannahan had another look at him. We decided to give him another shot of steroids to see if that made the symptoms go away again like they did last month. If so, then we've got one of two things going on here, either IBD, or Intestinal Lymphosarcoma. I happen to be well acquainted with both of these; Sully has IBD, and Tyler and A.C. died of Lymphosarcoma. I'm going to schedule an ultrasound next week to confirm one of these diagnosis. Lets all hope its IBD.

I'm going to go ahead and say its IBD and I'm going to blame the multiple protein sources in his food (Wellness grain free varieties, canned). So I'm switching him to Natures Variety INSTINCT formula. Its 95% protein source and liver. They are all single protein sources and novel proteins like Venison and Rabbit. I haven't decided which variety I will be using yet. Rabbit and Duck seem more natural for a cat to be eating, but Venison has a good reputation among IBD pets. They have a Lamb variety, but I remember reading somewhere that Lamb wasn't a good staple protein for cats because its low in Taurine. I think thats what it was, don't quote me. I've posted the question to my Yahoo Group FelineIBD. They were such a great resource with Sully. Now that I've gotten him sorted, I'll work on Kobie. Then hopefully Thurston won't need a special diet for his bladder crystals. I would really prefer if I didn't have three cats on three different special diets.

So thats the latest from the cat house. Poor Moxie. Its been all about the cats this week. I didn't take her to class, or to the therapy visit Thursday night. To make it up to her, we are going hiking tomorrow. I will take pictures to post.


JJ said...

I am so sorry you're having so much trouble! I think our kitten has IBD, and we have had really good success with the Natural Balance Duck and Green Pea. (Limited ingredient diet) And they LOVE the canned version. The dogs are on a mix of NV Instinct Rabbit and Raw and all seem to be doing well on that too. Good luck!

Debra Kay said...

Poor little kitty. I hope things get better soon!

Debra Kay said...

Popping in again, any word?

Cynthia Blue said...

I do hope your kitties will be okay... I don't much about either of those in kitties.

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