Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Answers from the Cat Whipserer

These are the results of the animal communication session I bought from a woman in England for my cats.


Does he feel okay/is he in pain?

He feels a little down, but there is no physical pain with him.

He does seem to be depressed

Why does he cry at meal times when I'm not in the room

He feels threatened when he is alone with the others, he feels that you are his protector, and can stop the others. He is quite insecure.

a bit odd as he's shut in the room alone, the other cats can't get to him, but maybe he doesn't know that?

Why does he let the other cats eat his food

Again he feels he he is being intimidated by the others, so he just keeps out of the way, or steps aside if the others try to but in, he would rather back down that stand his ground.

This is exactly what he does, he just steps away. Its really sad!

Why does he want to go outside all the time.

He feels he can make the outside world more his own, he has his own fave spots, and hide outs, and he smugly comments that the others don’t go there. He feels more secure in the wide open space, as he can get away fast if he needs, he can hide out, he feels safe, he feels like he isn’t having to watch his back all of the time.

And I want him to know the following
That I love him very much, I'm never going to leave him again, and I'm never going to give him up or let anything happen to him That I don't want him to go outside because its dangerous and he might get hurt, sick or killed and I couldn't stand losing him.

Kobie is aware very much on how much you love him, he likes to have his time, his freedom, and doesn’t want you to take this away. He wants to negotiate. Maybe come to some sort of arrangement with him, that you can let him out during the day, but he must come in at night, or you can let him out for an hour or two, and he must come home after that. It may sound silly, but talk to him yourself, tell him your conditions, he will understand, and should listern…… if you meet him half way, you will both help each other a great deal.

Yeah, but I'm not going to let him go outside, at all, end of. Its just too dangerous. Maybe some day I can afford to build him an enclosed porch or yard that he can't get out of and I'll feel okay about it, but not right now. I couldn't stand to lose him to some horrible tragic end outside all alone.


I want to know why he beats up on Kobie all the time. And I'd like to convince him to leave poor Kobie alone.

Thurston is very driven by prey (& attention) it’s a natural response for him to target the weak, he seens kobie as a weaker cat, and Thurston feels he should take advantage of this, and get the best spots to sleep, the best and most food etc, and if kobie gets in the way, he just gets pushed out of the way etc. He knows what he is doing is wrong, but as mentioned above, he can sometimes do this negative behavior to gain your attention, in a cats mind, any attention even negative attention is better than no attention at all.

True, but how do I not pay attention to this behavior? I'll need to find a way to work around this

I also want Thurston to know that his Daddy had to go away, but he didn't want to leave him. That his Daddy loves him very much and asks about him all the time and that his daddy will be coming home in a few months and he'll never leave him again.

I feel Thurston was most affected by this, im not sure if he is more the mans cat, or if he just has a very close relationship with his daddy, but again he feels like he is missing out on so much attention, and will be pleased when he comes home.

His behavior definitely got worse when James left, and I do feel like he is starved for affection. I feel sorry for the poor little guy.

Oh, and if you could mention that the scratching posts and cat trees are for scratching and the furniture and carpet are not :)

(again this refers to his negative attention seeking!)

again, hard to ignore


Debra Kay said...

Have you thought about giving Kobie a closet or something that is just his? Or maybe even a cardboard box (Pasht values cardboard above all other things).

Anonymous said...

Very interesting Reading your cats had. Are you pleased with the results? I was thinking about having her do a reading for mine too after getting the results I did from my free question.