Thursday, March 06, 2008

Snow Day

We've had a couple of random snowstorms in the midst of an early spring. I got to leave work early today because the weather was so horrid, so Moxie and I got a snow day. Moxie was at Doggy Daycare so I had to go and pick her up then make my treck south on I-35 which took two hours. But we made it alive.

The snow is so much prettier when you aren't driving in it.

Here is my beautiful girl in the snow.





Just some snow pics.


So on the diet front, I've still made no decisions. I'm thinking Innova maybe (not evo), or Natures Variety prepackaged raw. Moxie's doggy daycare sells both. I think I'll get the Natures Variety and give it a go. I'm really happy with their cat food.


Debra Kay said...

I'm glad you got the snow instead of us this time-it looks better on Moxie than it does on the chi's.

Saint Lover said...

Moxie looks adorable in her little sweater! Who would have ever thunk it.. Snow in Texas! We have your snow now and it dumped over 20 inches on us.

JJ said...

I love the sweater and especially the first pic!!! You'll like the NV, my dogs are doing fab on it!

Charlotte said...


We have had no snow at all this year :(

My big dogs are extremely jealous.

Dori said...

Bosco loves the Nature's Variety. He's doing great on it. Thanks for sending my boss the TD info.

Baby Love said...

Saw your blog, we love Moxie.

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JJ said...

Hey girl - I've change my blog back to - so if you look for it and it's gone, that's where it be! =)

Kind of like deleting it, only not so much.