Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lonely Kobster

I heard back from the animal communicator, and she says Kobie is lonely. She says he doesn't have the right companion. I guess it could be true. We have the two other cats, but he did lose his friend when Mocha died six months ago. Come to think of it, the odd behavior really began then. Well, too bad Kobie, I'm not getting you another kitty. Sorry.

Actually Kobie has bigger worries today. He has an upset tummy. He's on a 24 hour fast which is he not impressed with. Hopefully he will be feeling better tomorrow.

Meanwhile, In an espresso induced high, I came up with a five year plan. Five years from now, I plan to have achieved the following:

1) Earn my Masters degree in Social Work
2) Achieve fluency in Spanish
3) Achieve a healthy weight and lifestyle
4) Grow Spiritually
5) Work through and overcome my abuse issues

Its nice to have a plan of action. Now I'm off to work on my Spanish.


Dori said...

Looks like you have a good plan set out... Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. This is very doable!

Debra Kay said...

Good luck on your plan!

Cynthia Blue said...

Your goals sound great. :) Goals are such good things to have. I should make some dog goals... I would love, love love for Tatum to be a star collie in agility. And I'm going to start entering Chase in USDAA, I should have some goals for him there, too.

Which really turn into personal goals... since I have such a fear of success and usually screw up our runs!

I'm sorry about Kobie, too. Sometimes we just cannot add another animal to our family, though.

Saint Lover said...

Buenos Suerte!

Good luck with your goal! I am sure you will achieve them!