Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Beautiful Moxie




We went to training class tonight and had a ball. She just loves to work. She did great and we spent a lot of time off lead. I need to work her off lead more often, I need to trust her. She's better than I think she is. Sometime I'll get someone to take some more video of us. There's an AKC trial in April in Denton, but Moxie doesn't have an ILP, and I don't think I could get one to be honest. Oh well. Keep your eyes peeled for me a local obedience trial. ASCA, or UKC, would work.


Debra Kay said...

What a stunner she is!

Cynthia Blue said...

You could try for her ILP. There was a 'border collie' at the last AKC trial I went to (last weekend) who was obviously a mix. Cute sweet dog and she did great!

I hope AKC allows mixes sometime. If so, I would have registered Chase as a mix! (He probably is anyway, he snuck in as a BC in AKC).

Anonymous said...

Moxie is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I love the picture with her off the ground.