Sunday, July 08, 2007

Well I tried to train today, but every time I got everything set up outside, the skies opened up. We got some weaves done, not much luck on our go on practice, it was thundering and she was distracted. I did find out, however, that Moxie will still chase a tennis ball during a thunderstorm, her obsession doth run deep.

So I went to Toy r us and picked up a child's play and crawl tunnel. I set it up in the living room and Moxie and I did a mini training session in left and right tunnels entrances. I would have gotten more meaningful work in, but the cats took an intense interest in the tunnel.

Moxie got tired of dodging cats and went on in pursuit of other interests.

Kobie, in particular, LOVED the tunnel. He spent well over an hour playing in the tunnel. I have never known him to play with anything that long. His assessment of the tunnel is as follows:

"This tunnel is a toy much too sophisticated for the canine tastes. The brilliance lies in the subtle detail...the velcro tassles, the mesh windows, the general rollyness, the swishy fabric. This is quite a versatile toy, one can play in it, on it, or under it, alone or with a friend! The tunnel also doubles as a secure snooze spot. In short, the tunnel is the best thing to hit this house since the advent of the cat tree. I give it four paws up!"

Moxie and I got some weave practice under the shelter of the porch. (please pardon my fat ass!)


Oscar Airedale said...

I can't believe the cats took over your nice new tunnel! Cheeky little things. Nice work on your weaves. I am slowly getting the hang of them, but still need a treat guiding me through.

Oscar x

Dori said...

The cats in the play tunnel just cracked me up.. Moxie did awesome with her weaves.. Was she safe out there without her PFD???

Leanne said...

Your cats are fantastic!

Moxie looks awesome through those weaves.

Cynthia Blue said...

LOL those are some happy kitties!

Debra Kay said...

Ah, poor Pasht only has the laundry basket-it has no hole on one end. But for nothing will ever replace her love of the cardboard box.

When I was moving, we (Pasht and I) bedded down on a pile of folded boxes. It was kitty heaven-she thought for a moment this silly hoo-MON had finally seen the light.

JJ said...

Her weaves are getting better! You might have her drive forward to a reward placed on the ground out in front of the weaves, she's still looking at you an awful lot. Maybe throw a toy out and then do the weaves, or a target, or food bowl?