Saturday, February 10, 2007

Seeking position as a pooper scooper

No, really. I just want a nice quiet job where I can work with animals and shovel their crap all day, because I'm tired of shoveling human shit.

I want out of the people business for a while.

So seriously, any of my doggy community friends, if there is a kennel, or a day care or something that is hiring, let me know. College degree be damned. Give me a muck bucket and minimum wage and leave me to the animals. At least there I'll be respected.


JJ said...

try woofgang, they're nearly always hiring.

Debra Kay said...

I'd like to share that my long term plans have always included ending up with the animals. I get out of the hospital this week and would be interested in having someone walk the dogs when they come home. I will have Cody and Greta and they both are shy-but I think you would be a good person to work with them.

I can't pay much, but it might be spending money while you get settled.

Also, check with Cityvet, uptown and see what they have available....Feel free to drop my name-the kids and I are well known there.