Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Give an centimeter, take a kilometer (Keeping it metric)

I am a really laid back person. I get along with everyone. I don't have fights with my friends, I don't squabble with my room mates, and by God, I'm a nice person. Probably too nice. I'm very giving. I like to be helpful. In my life I have known many people who have seen that generous nature and taken full advantage of it. It happens alot. I'm too nice. I'm a freakin human doormat is what I am. But I'm tired of it, you know. I'm tired. So now is my time to stand up and say, no. No, Madam, I will not do your job for you while you take all the credit and talk shit about me behind my back. I have work to do too, you know. I am a very busy person. Running this school takes hours and hours of planning and preparation. There simply not enough hours in the day for me to do my job, and be your personal slave too. So get over yourself. Get off your lazy, lying ass and do it yourself! While you are at it. Quit coming over here, eating my food, running up our phone bill and taking up the computers during school hours. You are, hands down, the most inconsiderate person I know. I've tried, Lord knows I've tried to be nice to you, to ignore your rudenss, your backstabbing and you lies, to work together for the sake of the cause. But I don't even think you really believe in the cause. I think the only cause you believe in is your cause, the youcause. Poor poor you. Get over yourself. You and your lying daughter both. Someday, the world will see you both for who you really are, and I hope you get back every ounce of suffering you have ever put off on anyone else.

So kindly, F*ck off, jerks!


Oscar Airedale said...

Hope it was good to get that off your chest.

Sending you big snuggles & hope you are a little happier.

Licks & kisses
Oscar x

Debra Kay said...

No matter where you go-there's always one in the bunch.

I've taken an new tactic and learned a new word....No.

Or, if I need a longer explanation-No, XXX, I am too busy to help you you are going to have to get someone else (like your useless staff member you dumb cow) to do it.

Well, I left the part in parens out because she outranks me.

Now, this is not a magic word-she still asks, but I say "no" and go about my business and hope someday she will learn not to ask.