Thursday, January 11, 2007

Post from Moxie

I caught Moxie on the computer and found this post in her Dogster diary. I thought it was cute.

"So Mom wrote all about her new years resolutions in her blog, so I thought I would make some resolutions and write about them here.

This year, I will not chase horses and I will stay off of balconies. I will swim in the lake and run with my friends every chance I get. I will fetch my tennis balls and squeak my toys with joy. I will go outside and go potty when mommy says, even if it's raining. I will love my humans with all the love in my little puppy heart. I will give kisses when they are sad, and I will play with them when they are happy. I will never let food go to waste. I will act as both referee and keeper of the rule book for the cats. I will nap in the sunshine, and I won't be scared of thunderstorms. I will live every day to the fullest.

You know, I don't know why you humans have to resolve to do things. With the exception of the not chasing horses part, I do all of those things everyday anyway. Its just part of being a dog."

I would do well to be more like my dog.

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Anonymous said...

Moxie girl-the rain thing is tough, but take it no further. Please draw the line at SNOW. My mother must never know it is even possible to go out for a piddle in the snow......Love.....Poidogz gang...