Friday, January 26, 2007

Every Ruffdog has his day

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Today is Ruffdogs Blog day. Ruffdogs is an online community of global dog lovers. This is the friendliest place on the internet. I spend at least one hour on ruffdogs every day, just chatting with friends, learning new things, bragging about my dog, and even shopping! Ruffdogs is my safe place, my little virtual haven where I can retreat each day for a little while and just relax with friends. Ruffdog members are of all races, ages and genders and hale from exotic places all over the world. Ruffdogs members are kind, friendly, knowlegable, supportive and helpful. I'm a member of several other forums, lists, bloggroups and sites but Ruffdogs, hands down, has the best people on the internet.

It also has the most extensive array of topics I've seen on any forum. Any given day, there are between 80 and 100 topics to read on Ruffdogs. From Health, to behavior to rescue, to dogs in the news and general dog chat, if it pertains to dogs, you can find it on ruffdogs. Beyond that, Ruffdogs even has a place where you can talk about your others pets (because how many of us just have dogs?) and a lounge area where you can talk about just about anything! Ruffdogs has an extensive rescue section, where numerous rescue groups from all over the world, post about their adotable dogs. Every month, Ruffdogs hold auctions to benefit one or more of these rescue groups. Ruffdogs members donate items, then bid on them online. Its really fun, and there is always some really neat stuff! Ruffdogs newest section, dedicated to BSL is fast becoming one of my favorites. Though I have to say, the photocontests are truly the best. I love looking at all the great pictures our members post of their beautiful pets.

Long story short, Ruffdogs is a fun, safe, family friendly place for dog lovers of all ages, creeds and colors. Go on over and say hello! You'll be glad you did!


Anonymous said...

Wow that was fabulous hunni

Allison and Duke

Oscar Airedale said...

Me & mum only just joined Ruffdogs but we love it already!

Oscar x