Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I'm back, poor Moxie

I just got back from a trip to Boston to see my Shawnbear. My kiddos seemed to do okay while I was gone. Everyone ate. Everyone did their best to annoy my mother. You know, business as usual.

The first thing I noticed when I got home was Moxie holding her tail weird and acting very strange. I felt her tail and it was very painful and matted to the skin over the center where she had clearly been chewing on it for some time. I clipped the matts off when my crappy clippers and found a massive hot spot underneath. Poor baby, its so sore! She whimpered and cried all night long. I took her in to work with me, setting aside my objections to our new policies on treating our own pets, because shew as uncomfortable. We clipped it up, cleaned it up and its looking better already, though she is still sore. She holds her tail to the side and acts like something is biting her when she walks. She is being good about leaving it alone though.

Mom says she didn't chew on herself during the day, so she must have been so upset about being alone at night that she chewed her tail. I can find no other reason for it. No fleas, her skin looks perfectly healthy otherwise. So now Moxie is wandering around with a half shaved tail, its shaved from the base to about mid way up with a pom pom left on the end, like a lion cut. In fact, the way she carries her tail over her back, she reminds me of a low chen.

Moxie is very embarrassed about the current state of her tail, her former crowning glory, and has made me swear NOT to take any pictures. So I won't be gracing this page with pictures of hot spots (to the delight of those of you already sick of looking at teeth)

Instead I will post my pics from my Boston trip as soon as I get them all uploaded and edited.


Debra Kay said...

Poor Moxie-a hotspot is a nasty thing to endure. At least Cody was all cosmetic, and his ego is such that he thinks anything that is attached to him is gorgeous!

Saint Lover said...

Oh the indignity! Poor Moxie-kins.. I hope that nasty hot spot heals up quick and her fur grows back soon.

licks and hugs from my kiddos

Dori said...

Poor Mox! I hope she feels better soon! More importantly I hope her tail hair growns back quickly!

K9 Amiga said...

my experience has been that tails are incredibly resilient, i know Stranger has gotten his into all kinds of trouble. he was especially prone to running into cigarettes,
best of hopes for moxie.

JJ said...

maybe she's realized that nekkid is IN this year. =) I'm sure it will grow back in no time though. =)

Dori said...

How is Moxie doing??? Updates please!