Friday, May 23, 2008


I subscribe to a newsletter called "Your Dog." Its put out by the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, one of the premier vet schools in the U.S. There was an article in the May issue about caring for senior dogs that actually recommended a higher protein food. The article said that senior dogs need extra protein to prevent muscle wasting and maintain a lean weight. They went on to say that a high protein diet will not damage the kidneys. I was elated to read this. As you know I've been battling with trying to find the perfect diet for everyone for months now. Moxie is on the grain free high protein Wellness CORE dry food, with a premium wet food mixed, or Natures Variety Frozen Raw Medalions. (I hate the idea of her eating the same thing every day, so I mix it up a little. Her gut has never minded this, but I don't recommend it for those with sensitive tummies) So according to this article, this is an ideal diet for my senior dog.

I weighed Moxie last month and she was 25 pounds which is the least she has ever weighed. When I adopted her, she weighed 26 pounds and I thought she was scrawney then. I've been worried lately that she's too thin, but the article really extolled the virtues of keeping your senior dog lean and fit to prevent muscle wasting and joint damage. I think this means my diet search is over! YAY!

Everyone else is fine. Sully is getting pudgy. I upped his meal rations about a month ago on advice from my cat forum peeps, thinking that feeding him more might curb his ravenous appetite. This cat would eat ALL DAY LONG if I let him. He spends his whole day (not spent sleeping) hunting for food. He's into everything and he will eat ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING. Well, increasing his food hasn't helped one bit, so its back to his usual portions with maybe some pumpkin mixed in for bulk. No fat cats. No fat pets! And hopefully, one day, no fat me!

Let start with the cats.

Sully is cuddled in my arms right now looking perfectly innocent and sweet like he wouldn't dream of causing any trouble. Moxie is laying in the middle of the floor on her back looking the picture of cute. Kobie and Thurston are curled up together on top of the dog crate.

I love my little fur family.

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