Thursday, June 07, 2007

Work pics!

Thought I would share some pics of the gang at work.

Parker opens a special delivery "Mox Box"
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The girls in reception get down with Moxie
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The staff works together on a kangaroo with a tail abscess
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I got the best part, holding the Joey!
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Doctor J busts a move in treatment. Its a very fun place to work!
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Its been a busy day off for me. After the photoshoot at the clinic, Moxie and I went to the dog park and played for a while. Then we went and toured the doggy day care facility. Its very nice and I affordable. I think I will start bringing Moxie in once a week or so, and I will use them when I get my puppy. After that we went to Petco and bought cat food and litter. Back at home I did some light cleaning then sat down to sort out my photos from today. Moxie and I have agility tonight at 7 after which I will hopefully, finish cleaning the house.

Maybe I'll get some good pics tonight at class.

UPDATE: Class went really well. We got about 30 minutes of practice in before class so she was just tired enough for me to keep up with her on the courses. Our last run was clean and fast. I am very pleased with her progress. I am going to give Moxie a previcox tonight though, as a preventative. She did an awful lot of running today.

Tonight at class, one lady had this whisper quiet clicker. I borrowed it and used it with Moxie and she didn't react (negatively) like she always does with clickers. I'm so excited! I think I am going to order a few of these and retrain Moxie to the clicker now. I never could use one before because she hated the sound. I'm at a point in training her that I need to be more discerning about marking her behaviors and I need to use fewer treats. I think using the clicker now will really take us to the next level. So, off to order a Karen Pryor clicker.


Oscar Airedale said...

Wow, how cute is the joey?! Your workmates all look like great fun, and Moxie is a lucky girl to get to go to work with you. I went to pick dad up from work yesterday but we had to wait in the car park, boo. Lots of his colleagues came out to see me though!

Oscar x

Ferndoggle said...

What a totally fun place to work! Nothing like my job :o(.

Oh & to answer your dog park question...we've gone back a couple of times but it's really not worth the stress for Penny (or me!). She gets snarky pretty easily with other dogs. I have taken the puppy but only at off times.


PANDA said...

Which kangaroo had the abscess? Mom or Joey? I like seeing your photos of work. You have the coolest job in the world. Great job on agility/obedience training. That's amazing what you are doing with Moxie and the planning for the new pup.

Cynthia Blue said...

What great pictures! :) I wish I could bring a dog to work. ;)

Dori said...

Love the kangaroo pictures! They are awesome. I had forgotten that kanga's bite...

WTG Moxie! What a little star!

Char said...

Fab photos!!

Good Luck with the clicker. I bought an electronic clicker that does a click, a ping, a chirp and a beep - it's very good and can be used for multiple dogs, each trained to a different noise.

Saint Lover said...

Great Pix Rachael! I love the Joey.. Your job looks like a great place to work!

You can send me a "MOX BOX" anytime!

JJ said...

mox box - too funny!

L said...

I'll happily have a Mox Box!

Good luck with the clicker, I hope it works! Dyl's clicker has different settings for 'loudness'; Kim used to really freak out with the noise too, but she's fine with it now. Shame she's not food motivated!

Debra Kay said...

Love my Karen Pryor clicker!