Thursday, June 14, 2007


Tuesday about noon I got a phone call at work from my Mom. She said I had to come home right away, Mocha was sick. I arrived home to find my nine year old tabby cat unconscious on the floor. Her breathing was ragged, her pulse thready, I rushed her back to the clinic where my coworkers stood by to save her. By the time I reached the clinic Mocha was near death, but the vets and techs worked quickly to save her. I was completely beside myself and of no help whatsoever. With the medications the doctors administered Mocha came out of her coma and began having cluster seizures. Her body temperature was dangerously low as was her blood sugar. When I transfered her to the Emergency clinic that night she was completely unresponsive, and the prognosis was grave. It was a long night. Mocha is a little fighter though. She made it through the night and was able to roll over and hold her head up by morning. She was stone deaf, blind and severely neurologically impaired as a result of her brain being deprived of oxygen for such a long period. The doctors all agree that the damage is probably reversible, and I need to give her time.

She improved steadily all day yesterday. Her body temperature returned to normal and she was able to swallow on her own so we began syringe feeding her. Her blood sugar levels were all over the place though, and she was still having seizures. My vets were optimistic that she would pull through. Back at the E-vets the doctors painted a darker picture and I cried all the way home. However, this morning, Mocha could hear me and was responding to my name. She has improved drastically from this morning to this evening and her blood sugar is still low but has leveled out at just below normal. I was able to take her home with me tonight on a dextrose drip. She is still blind. She isn't really sure where her paws are. She can't quite get the lick-swallow thing down so she can't eat without help. But she KNOWS she is at home. She lit up when I set her down in the living room. She spent most of the evening sitting in my lap watching TV, just like a normal night.

She still has a long way to go, but for a cat that was dead two days ago, she is looking pretty darn good. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for her and us, your thoughts and prayers have really helped. Keep thinking of Mocha as she continues down her road to recovery. Moxie has volunteered to be Mocha's seeing eye cat until her sight returns. Kobie had missed her but is very unsettled by the Mocha I brought home this evening. He won't go near her. Thurston is curious about it all. I am very tired, but very happy to have my baby home with me again. I will never take another moment with my fur kids for granted. Mocha can steal my french fries, sit in my lap and kneed her paws on my neck anytime she wants and she'll hear no complaints from me. I'm just happy to have my Mokiki back.

I will keep you all posted on her progress.

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Oscar Airedale said...

Oh Rachael, sorry to hear about Mocha. You are lucky to have such good vets who did a great job. Mum worries about my cat sis getting ill as she is now 15. We'll be praying Mocha continues to do well.

Oscar x