Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shopping Spree!

Well I was having a good day. I went on a therapy visit this morning, then out to lunch with the ladies from the therapy pals group.

On the way home I got a call from Shawn, he made it safely to Boston, but did not take his cat, Hazelnut, with him like I thought he was going to. Hazelnut is Mocha's biological daughter. Shawn adopted her from me when she was a wee kitten. Hazel is family. Shawn left Hazel with his sister, who adores her, so its fine, except her room mates are allergic to Hazel so she is with Shawns parents now. Shawn's Mom loves Hazel, his Dad, not so much into cats. The future does not bode well for Hazel. There is absolutely no reason why he couldn't take her to Boston, so I'm slightly miffed about that, pets are for life.

But what hurts worse is when I posed the question of bringing Hazel into our home to my Mother, she exploded on me. This isn't just some Random cat off the street, this Hazelnut, this is Mocha's daughter, this is Tyler's sister. This cat is a huge part of my heart because she is so much of her Mother and Brother now both at the bridge. When she said (read screamed) no, it was like losing Mocha and Tyler all over again. I won't stand by and let that cat end up in the shelter. I can't stand the thought of it. I don't know what to do. This isn't my home, but I moved here to help my Mother. I didn't move here to be treated like a twelve year old. I'm thinking of finding a house or duplex here in town to move into. That way I'm nearby to help, but not living here. I can't believe she would really let Mocha's daughter, Tyler's sister, go to the pound.

This is Hazelnut, with Mocha. Hazel is about 6 months in this picture.
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This is Mocha with Tyler the same day. (Also 6 months old) Can you see the family resemblence?
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All of this on top of some really stressful news on the work front make for a weepy afternoon. I just want my Mocha back. Thats the long and short of it. :(

So to ease my pains, I went on an internet shopping spree. It started with the need to replace Moxie's therapy dog cape, which was lost in the Mexico fiasco.
I got her a red one. She was given a nice Therapy Pals patch and I'll get a new Delta Patch and get her all official again.

Her cape will look something like this. It's a medium.
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I got this at If you have never been to, I recommend a visit. I found everything to be quite affordable.

I also got a new travel crate for Moxie, because, you guessed it, Moxie's was lost in the Mexico fiasco. When I said I lost everything I owned, I meant it, and everything Moxie owned too, including some of her favorite toys. :(

Here is the crate. It was a great deal.
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I also bought some of those coil wristband to hold a clicker, when I realized, I still don't have a clicker for Moxie, so I headed over the and bought a five pack of
Karen Pryor i-clicks.

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So then, inspired by Boomers new weaves, I surfed onto Affordable and dropped a load of money on some
and weaves .
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I had to stop there, but these things are still on my want list:

A forced air dryer
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and a cordless dremel
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I thought these were both reasonably priced. Will have to get them on my next pay check.

So do I feel better after my spending spree. Not really. But I think once I get all my goodies, the training time with Moxie will be very therapeutic. ;)

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Saint Lover said...

Nothing makes one feel better than a little retail therapy... You got some great stuff! I am totally going to order the dremel nail grinder!

Hope you had a better day today!