Sunday, August 03, 2008

A brand new title!

Moxie and I were entered in two grueling days of Obedience trials this weekend and we've come away with a couple of ribbons and a brand new Title. She now has a CD from both the UKC and ASCA! In watching the open and utility dogs, I'm itching to try something a bit more challenging, so we will be working that dumbbell! I hope to be showing in Open classes this time next year.

We got lots of great feedback from judges and other experienced dog people who were all very kind and, I think, glad to see some younger blood interested in the sport. I've got some good things to be working on to improve our scores and our work as a team. So enough training to keep us busy for a while.

It was SO HOT this weekend. Even in the Indoor with the AC on it was like an oven by the afternoon. On Saturday, Moxie and I were practicing in the parking lot, and I asked her for a stand stay, and I knew it was hot because while remaining completely in place she would gingerly lift one paw then the other as if to say, "Ouch Mommy! The cement is burning my feet!" We moved over into the grass after that.

I should have some video of the trial to upload and share with you soon.


Dori said...

Can't wait to see video!!! WTG Moxie!

Debra Kay said...

Congratulations to the both of you!

Saint Lover said...

Congrats to Moxie!!!!

Ludo van puppy said...

Congratulations Moxie!!

Anonymous said...

Loving the new blog title! Moxie sounds like she is loving the trials and doing really well!

By the way we have awarded you with a Blogging Friends Forever Gold Card - go and visit my blog for more info! =)