Monday, August 25, 2008

Agility Weekend coming up

Moxie and I are entered in the TWANG ASCOT ASCA Agility trial in Fort Worth this weekend. This will be our first agility show in something like six years. We also haven't trained on any contact obstacles in over a year. We haven't trained any agility period in more than a month due to the heat. This should be interesting.

I knew better than to Sign up for both days, but I'm a glutton for punishment, what can I say? We are only doing two runs each day, so Moxie will be fully rested. But I have also volunteered to be a ring slave, I mean, steward, both days. I want to join the club that is hosting the show, and I have to work two shows to do that. I wonder if Saturday and Sunday are considered separate shows, or if I'll have to put in another full weekend before I can be considered for membership?

Still haven't heard anything about my job, but I'm hopefull that I will hear something this week. Wish me luck!

A much younger Moxie takes a hurdle at the PAWS NADAC trial in Rhome Texas, this was the last trial we went to. 3/1/03


Saint Lover said...

Awesome picture! Good luck this weekend! I wish I could be there to watch Moxie in all her glory!

Debra Kay said...

Good luck!

Dori said...

Good luck Moxie! Boomer, Bosco and I will see you there! And this weekend is considered "one" show... Sorry...