Tuesday, October 09, 2007



Hazel was found, ALIVE, one block from her house. She is dehydrated and emaciated but alive! She was taken by her rescuers to the Animal ER where Shawn's parents and I met up with her. I was expecting her to look alot worse than she did. She raised her head, meowed and made several attempts at grooming. She is very weak, just exhausted the poor thing, but very happy to be found for sure. I can't believe it! Two months to the day she dissapeared!

She had some labwork draw. Remarkably, her kidneys are healthy! Her liver enzymes are elevated and she is a little yellow - she probably has a condition known as "hepatic lipidosis" or Fatty Liver disease, common in cats who are overweight and stop eating. Good news, we can beat Fatty liver disease. I think she can survive this. We will see what my docs think in the morning. I'm up for the challenge, I'm just so glad she's been found! I had given up hope! Only just last week, Shawn's parents had given me all of Hazel's things and I never took them out of my car (not because I had a feeling, just because I'm lazy)

So everyone send your best prayers and healing vibes to Hazelnut! She's a fighter though, I really think she will pull through this. What a miracle! An absolute Miracle!


Debra Kay said...

One of the hardest things is to have a cat disappear and just never know what happened. You can guess, but there is no closure. I am so glad Hazel is back and on the mend.

Also, leavng things in your car is not lazy-it's just keeping them out of the way until you need them. LOL.

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

I'm so glad you have Hazel back! I will keep her and you, too, in my prayers. I was also reading about Moxie...what a wonderful sweet dog! Thank you for rescuing her! I have three shelties, two are rescue dogs. They are my sweet babies! I'm writing a story on my blog about the rescue of Bonnie Lass. Come visit and read Part I!