Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I've been seeing other dogs....

Poor Moxie. I went to a dog obedience class tonight and I left her at home.

She was not amused. I came home smelling or Lamb chunks and lots of other dogs. I think I feel guilty enough to take her to work with me tomorrow.

Working Derby was alot of fun. I didn't know alot of his command words, which made communication difficult, but he and I seemed to generally understand each other. We worked on straightening his sits and they were looking fab by the end of the night. He heals like a dream really. He's just a chronic crooked sitter. He also does not stay sat or down for very long, but that was improving at the end of the evening too. Derby will make a fab little obedience dog, as well as cleaning up in agility. I wonder if Jamie realizes what a little gem she has. I also LOVED getting to use the clicker. I really enjoy clicker training. Too bad Moxie hates it.

I also got to glean some free training advice. I think I need to start seeking out and taking classes in different places every now and then, just to get a new perspective on training problems.

Well Moxie will got to work with me tomorrow, there is no therapy visit, it was canceled. She will get a bath at work. Friday she is going in for a dental cleaning. I know she will be fine but anesthesia always makes me nervous. I just don't think I could survive without my baby girl. There will never be another dog like Moxie. I coulnd't ask for a better friend. She's always there for me, even if I have been training other dogs.


Debra Kay said...

I know how you feel, I got other dogs because when Dottie was an only dog I didn't think I could survive her loss. The thing is, you don't love the old dogs any less, you just love the new dogs too. We really do have an infinite amount of love.

I like working with different dogs because it teaches me a lot-every dog is different and has different needs. I would KILL to work with Derby. I miss Nellie so bad I actually contacted the people she lives with hoping they hated her, but she's happy, living in the country with other Aussies, and I still can't walk or do agility.

There is a local guy here who has a therapy team of shelties I am thinking about contacting to see if he'd like to work with my kiddos some and hopefully let me work with his.

Dori and Boomer said...

Derby really is a little star. He is scary smart... I'm not giving him or Cheetah back to Sproonee...