Saturday, April 28, 2007

End of an Era

I made the decision yesterday, that I will not be returning to Mexico.

This was probably the most difficult in a series of difficult decisions I have had to make recently. The reasons for leaving outweigh the reasons for staying, though they cannot outweigh my conviction and my passion. I will go back, someday. But right now, my family needs me. I plan to take a few years, work, get a masters degree, and support the program here in the states. I will work to be certain that I grow during this time, intellectually and spiritually, so that when the times comes to go back, I will be ready to meet the challenges that await.

In other news, I'm working full time at the vet clinic, I'm studying to take my GRE on May 31st (EEK) and still preparing lessons for the students still studying at LAM. I have my hands very very full, but I think this is the right place for me to be at this time in my life.


Debra Kay said...

Reaching a decision can give us a smidgen of peace-I'm struggling with several now myself.

The GRE aint so bad-you'll do fine.

Oscar Airedale said...

Hey Rachael,

I'm sure you feel better for coming to a decision. It sounds like you have some very good plans.

I heop Moxie is well. My paw is loads better. I spent all Sunday running around with my 2 new airedale buddies!

Oscar x

JJ said...

I think this is a good decision for you. You'll be able to get some things together and figure out which direction you want to go.