Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back in the saddle

Moxie and I have joined a new agility group. I'm even planning to go to a show on Labor day. I'm also entering an obedience trial in August. So after a hiatus from trialing that has spanned most of Moxie's life, we are going to get back into competition, just in time for her 9th birthday.

I'm nervous. She's happy. I'm thinking ASCA is my new favorite venue. She has GOT to learn to work away from me though. Any help with that? Anyone? The dog is fast. She was impressing some hard core agility folk last week with her speed and enthusiasm. Also, she WILL work distance for someone else, not me though. Too much of a mommas girl. I know she can do it. She would be kicking butt and taking names if she had a better handler. The lesson I am quickly learning is that agility is just as much a test of the handlers skill as it is of the dogs agility. I'm just better at a slower pace. Thats why we clean up in obedience.

I'd love to go to a rally trial this summer while I'm off. I'm starting grad school in the fall. I registered for classes today, so this is my last free summer for a while. I'd love to finish her Rally 1 title. Thing is so few people offer APDT Rally. Its all AKC and AKC has this RIDICULOUS policy about no crossbreeds in their sporting events.

Sorry about the ramble. Maybe some pictures of her working tonight. Or a video? I don't have a class buddy to do these things for me.


Saint Lover said...

Awesome! Go Moxie girl! I'm sure she will really enjoy being back in the saddle.

Congrats for deciding to go back to school. Best of luck! I know you'll do well.

JJ said...

That's great! Which agility school are you going to? The one in Keller with Stacy?

Debra Kay said...

Go Moxie Go! This is going to sound odd, but try visualizing Moxie working further out as you work with her. Maybe she's picking up on your worry that she'll stay to close, and misinterprets it as that is what you want.

Dori said...

I love ASCA.. Boomer's next trial is an ASCA Trial... Can't wait to see you guys run!

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

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