Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

I'm still here, still alive. I haven't posted much for two reasons. 1) Not much has happened of interest, and 2) my camera broke so I can't bless you with new pictures of my beautiful babies.

I have been saving up for a new camera, and I was going to buy it for Christmas, but I decided to spend half of it on a present for my Mom instead. I figure I can wait a couple more months, besides, seeing her open her present was well worth it.

Moxie got a new toy, a package of Greenies and a Bully stick for Christmas. I have never known Moxie to chew on anything for more than five minutes ever, but she sat down yesterday afternoon and ate the whole bully stick. It was a 12 incher. And as one might expect, she was puking this morning. I would have taken it away from her sooner, but I really didn't expect her to do that, its totally out of character. I'm going to take the excessive chewing to mean she's bored and has too much pent up energy so I need to work harder at wearing her out every day.

This year was Sully's first Christmas, so I tried to really do it up for him. We actually put up the Christmas tree, solely and entirely for his benefit, as neither my Mom or I care much about decorations. He's been amused by it. Since I shelled out a pretty penny for a new cat tree and scratching post this year already, I kept the presents light. I actually bought them a new feather attachment for their flying bird toy. I got it out and played with them with it a day or two before Christmas and Thurston destroyed it in a matter of minutes. So I went back to Petco and bought them out of feather flyer attachments. That should last this crew about a week or so.

Kobie has taken a turn for the strange in recent weeks. He's decided that he cannot eat alone. I must be in the room with him when he is eating his meals, or he will refuse to eat. At first I thought this was just him getting weird in his old age, but then the real reason for it came out. I've been nothing if not really busy of late. Between work and taking care of house and family and volunteering and cultivating friendships, I don't have much extra time to take care of me. Last week, I picked up an old journal, flipped to a fresh page and spent the twenty minutes I would usually pass doing nothing sitting in the room with Kobie, writing. So now I have daily built in journal time, to process my day, and set my goals for tomorrow. Its brought some much needed structure to my chaotic life, and I have my precious little neurotic orange cat to thank for it.

So thats the long and short of it now. Expect copious updates when the new camera comes in, featuring many pictures of the fuzzy beasts.


Debra Kay said...

I was thinking this morning that most of my angels have four legs...nothing wrong with that.

Saint Lover said...

Merry Belated Christmas to you and Moxie! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.