Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A couple of recent pics of the kiddos.

Thought I'd share of few pics from the past few weeks.

Thurston and Kobie on the pup-couch. They probably kicked poor Moxie off the couch so they could sleep there.

AWE Thurston!

Sully in the Cat tree

Sully catches the bird with one arm

Moxie and her ducky toy. This is the first toy I ever bought her. So cute.


Debra Kay said...

Moxie is such a star! Thanks for sharing pics of all the kiddos-I enjoy keeping up with everyone.

Unknown said...

I love that first picture... there has to be a great caption added to it so you can submit it to lolcats!

Rossi2009 said...

I love those pictures. Looks like some kind of LOLCAT moment. =)

Unknown said...

Moxie - Brutus has tagged you for the Middle Name Meme - you can see it on our blog

xx Brutus xx

Anonymous said...

She still has her first toy?!

I really would love to steal Sully :)

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

More couches for the dog!